About Us

Hi! I'm Meg Calton of Snap Happy Mom. We offer photography education resources, mostly to moms who want to take better photos of their kids and learn how to use their "big cameras." 

Photography doesn't have to be hard and complicated!

Yes, it can feel like it has a steep learning curve, but you really don't need to understand everything in order to get good pictures. I teach people what to focus on if they want to take pictures of people - special portraits, action shots of little athletes, family photos of multiple generations. Those things matter to moms, and I want to help you capture them.

We always recommend starting with our plastic cheat sheet cards.

We have helped more than 7,000 beginners take control of their camera with these cards! No more guesswork - you can troubleshoot your own photos with these handy cheat sheets. 

You can find more tips from Snap Happy Mom on InstagramFacebook, and soon, Youtube and TikTok!

There are also many free tutorials & resources on our blog site, Snap Happy Mom. 

Coming soon... courses! We in the process of moving the online courses to a different platform - stay tuned for when those are live.

We love helping people feel confident with a DSLR camera in their hands. Phone cameras are handy... but they just don't compare to what a DSLR can do. That said, there's a place for both! But I hope you feel more confident busting out that big girl camera for the important moments by using my resources and classes. 

I live in sunny Arizona with my hubbie and four kids. I offer in-person workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, and limited professional photography sessions in Tucson, AZ.