Choosing Between Printable Cheat Sheet Options

Our cheat sheets come in several different formats.

Plastic Cards

Deck Size: 3"x4"

These are the highest quality option, and we recommend these to everyone! They are printed on durable, sturdy plastic, very similar to a credit card or gift card. Definitely choose these if you're giving a gift. 


Printable Version - DIY Cards to Laminate Yourself

Deck size: 2.5"x4" 

This file is formatted for pre-sized lamination sleeves, which mean you don't have to trim fiddly lamination or deal with poke-y corners. 

  • You'll need to purchase these lamination sleeves: Pack of 25 or the more price effective Pack of 100 here.
  • You'll also need to have access to a home laminator or other option.
  • Then you just need a hole punch and a single split ring (like from a keychain)

This file is offered as a cheaper alternative to plastic cards, but I'll be honest: it's a lot of work to get them done. (You have to print, trim, laminate, punch, and thread on ring). If you're a project person, great! But don't let a laminator hold you back from learning your camera either.


Printable Version - Half-Sheet Size

Deck Size: 5"x8x5"

This version is meant to print, chop, and go! No lamination.

The file is formatted to fit two cards to a regular sheet of paper. Essentially, it's a slightly enlarged card on a half-sheet of paper.  That means that you have the largest font size, as well as room in the margins to take notes or highlight. Just print and use a paper cutter to slice the sheet in half. You'll probably want to store the sheets in a folder. 

This file is intended for educators that want to use the cheat sheets in a classroom or workshop setting, and don't have time to laminate many cards themselves. 



If you are an educator, you'll need an Education License to use these in a class or workshop setting.

Head to this listing to purchase the license to print up to 25 sets of cards for educational use.

Note: If you would prefer the higher-quality plastic cards for gift bags or paid photography workshops, we offer bulk discounts for educators!

Email us at meg at snaphappymom dot com.

Trust me - you'll look way more professional with the plastic cards than a printable option.