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Cheat Sheet Bundle - DSLR + Composition & Lighting Deck (Classic)

Cheat Sheet Bundle - DSLR + Composition & Lighting Deck (Classic)

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This listing is for a two-deck bundle in the neutral Classic colorway, of blues, greens, and marble. Buy both and save compared to putting them in your cart separately!

This bundle approaches photography from both a technical and artistic standpoint.

The DSLR Camera Photography deck covers the technical elements of photography, including manual mode and camera settings. More details about this deck here.

The Composition & Lighting covers the more artistic aspects of photography, including the creative elements of using your camera to shoot like a pro. More information about this deck here.

Each deck includes 11 double-sided plastic cards, intended as reference cards for your camera bag or on-the-go. The deck is comfortable in your hand, small enough to fit in your back pocket, and has a handy ring to keep everything together. The cards are all professionally printed on smooth, durable plastic so that they can be hung on your camera bag and withstand years of use.

*** These cards are not brand/model-specific; they are compatible with any Canon or Nikon Digital SLR Camera. The tips on the cards are aimed at an absolute beginner to an intermediate photographer who is learning how to use manual mode.

This listing is for two physical products. Camera and camera bag are for explanatory purposes only. The cards, designs, content, and method of construction are copyrighted Snap Happy Mom, 2016-2022.


These cards are printed on sturdy coated plastic, similar to a credit card. They'll never rip or tear in your camera bag.

The set of 11 cards is threaded on a split ring, and comes with a black carabiner.


All physical cards ship FREE in the USA, via First Class Mail.

Further Shipping Information is available here.


These cards hold a ton of infromation, but are still pocket-sized! They fit beautifully in your hand or camera bag.

4" tall x 3" wide

Deck is 1/2" thick

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